If your pup is anything like mine (yes, thank you for asking, I have a 100-pound golden doodle named Maverick), then he/she too gets massive anxiety during holiday firework shows.

And a lot of times during big holiday events, especially ones that like to get patriotic, there tend to be fireworks that go off.

So if it's that time for a holiday filled with loud noise makers, sparklers, or shooting off literal fireworks, I've got some tips given by professionals to keep your dog calm.

1. Play white noise for them
According to the American Kennel Club, playing white noise will help keep their attention away from those extra loud noises and hopefully blend them all together in a more soothing way.

2. Keep them in their crate, and cover it with a dark blanket
IF your dog is crate trained this is an excellent tool to make them feel they're protected. Their crates are their safe space. The Dodo lists this one as a big help for dogs and fireworks as the blanket will stop them from seeing anything outside the window and make them feel like nothing can attack them from the sides of their crate either.

3. Positive Affirmations
Give your pup extra scratches and treats if he/she is sitting next to you outside during the show. We all can stay distracted with a nice back scratch hehe.

4. Try putting a heavy shirt or sweatshirt on them
According to Rover.com, just like a baby, this swaddle technique that will help them feel comforted (I'm 30 years old and I still want to be swaddled).

5. Exercise them a lot throughout the day
If they're tired out, they're more likely to fall into a deeper sleep and possibly ignore the firework sounds altogether (if you're lucky), according to Pawsitive Solutions. Also, try to keep the curtains or blinds shut if you can!

Good luck, and enjoy the fireworks for whatever holiday it is.

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