Big Papi paying a visit to Fenway is always the best sight to see as a Red Sox fan. I mean, the man practically invented baseball and was a champion on and off the field during his time with the Red Sox. I always have such an appreciation for athletes that I meet in person who seem exactly like they do online, and David Ortiz was nothing short of absolutely genuine in every way.


Over the weekend, I spent a few days going to the Red Sox games with a field pass. Saturdays are the best field days at Fenway, since they typically have a guest throw out a ceremonial first pitch (as we all know and love to watch). This time, I got to watch the first pitch and the first inning of the game along side Big Papi, and let me tell you, it felt so emotional to know the man who holds three championships still comes back to where it all happened to support the next players in line.


David Ortiz has a reputation for being an all-around good dude, and I'm so elated to know that I can now say I've experienced his greatness. As I said earlier, it's always so refreshing to meet athletes who have the world at their fingertips, yet act so humble. So thank you, Big Papi, for being such an excellent role model. After all, "THIS IS OUR F***** CITY". Sorry boss, had to.

Fun fact: David's nickname, "Big Papi", actually came from an old Red Sox announcer years ago who called him Papi ,because every time David couldn't remember somebodies name, he'd call them Papi.

Who else has a Big Papi story? Everyone seems to have a positive one, and I'd love to hear them!

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