In the past decade, Portland has boomed. Development is occurring at a staggering speed with condos and hotels all trying to grab a piece of prime real estate near the water. As more and more buildings go up on and around Commercial Street, Maine's fisherman are being squeezed out. Now they are taking a stand for the second time in 30 years.

Back in 1987, The City of Portland passed restrictions on non-marine development on the waterfront, but over the years those restrictions seem to have loosened up as more and more out-of-state developers want to come in and build. One of those developers wants to build a hotel right on the water at Chandler's Wharf.

Fisherman are already feeling the impact of development as it hinders their ability to dock and load and unload bait and traps. They just aren't able to do their jobs which have been an integral part of the city and all of Maine for centuries.

To help get the word out, The Maine Coast Fishermen's Association had 12 Little Wharves produced, a video showing real fisherman working on the 12 wharves of Portland development crowds in. They have one simple message. "Don't push us out."



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