You've probably noticed that the rivers and lakes in Maine are practically overflowing with extra water from the snow melt makings its way down from the mountains as we get closer and closer to summer. We generally think of snow melt as a slowly dripping, seeping, creeping accumulation that creeps up on us with rising water levels and soggy backyards. However, the snow melt and rain fall can accumulate rapidly, causing flooding and insane waterfall activity, as captured by Jeremy Grant of the Timber Cross.

He took his drone to Moxie Falls to witness the grandeur of the season's overflowing water shed. His enthusiasm at the falls, and frankly every cool thing he discovers in Maine, is both unmatched and incredibly contagious.

"I don't even know if the footage came out well, and if it didn't, I might cry a little,
BUT that's okay -- I still got out and discovered something awesome."

This is Grant's unofficial motto. He says it consistently throughout his awes-inspiring videos around Maine. Check out his facebook and instagram for more amazing videos!

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