It's no secret to Maine that for over 150 years, Fort Gorges has been abandoned and completely ignored. Every time I float by it on the boat, I constantly think it's such a missed opportunity not to use the fort as a really unique venue.

According to this 2020 report from News Center Maine,

"Fort Gorges is decaying, and needs repair to stay open to the public"


OK, so if this Fort got the proper repairs by the right person, it could be the coolest, most one-of-a-kind venue for so many things. It could also rotate different venues the same way the museum in downtown Portland does. Just saying.

Think of it like when Fort Gorges became Fort Wine back in 2019.

3 Concept Ideas to Go Into Fort Gorges

1. Blacklight Lazer Tag
Since there's no roof on the fort, you quite literally get the view of the stars while you're crushing a round of Lazer tag with your friends. Iconic.

2. Floating Bar
Take a water taxi to the island, and much like Regea Fest on Peak's Island, spend the whole day/night on a floating island bar. Also iconic.

3. Snowball Fight Fort
It's already a fort, why not have some fun with it so it can stay open during the wintertime and make revenue? Imagine if it was open for adult snowball fights & also kid snowball fights? That's the most Maine thing I've ever heard.

Sidenote: if any business guy decides to take these ideas and run with them, just cash app me a cut ;)

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