Frankie MacDonald, the famous Canadian weatherman who's gone viral all over the planet with his hilarious and up-beat (to say the least) forecast videos, has a new warning for Maine this weekend:

Go grocery shopping now!

Here are a few things that we could catch from Frankie's super-fast list:

  • Winter Boots & Jackets
  • Hats, Gloves, Scarves & Ski Pants
  • Pizza & Chinese Food (order it, obv)
  • Cases of Pepsi, Cases of Coke
  • Do your grocery shopping NOW
  • Samsung Galaxy Charger
  • Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Charger
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Charger
  • Smartphone, Cellphone, Laptop & Tablet Chargers
  • Be careful walking
  • Turn on your furnace
  • Drive really slowly
  • Drink lots of Green Tea, White Tea & Red Tea to keep you warm
  • Don't forget the blankets!

And by the way... this storm really IS gonna be a big one!

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