As someone who gets annoyed when one small thing changes in my daily routine, I can't imagine what a whirlwind these last few months have been for healthcare workers.

Mid-March things seemed to change on a dime. Administrators took to the phones and informed patient after patient that they had to reschedule upcoming appointments. Nurses who were used to working for one department were suddenly in another. Many took to the tents to take swab after swab to test for COVID-19. Those in nursing homes suddenly found themselves on lockdown, explaining to their residents over and over why their loved ones can't visit, or worse, had to deal with the virus making its way through the facility.

Our healthcare workers have been through a lot from the front line people to the doctors treating those who are sick. It's been wonderful seeing them get the recognition they truly deserve from individuals and businesses throughout the state.

The latest business to step up is Saco Drive-In and their partners at Ira Jack Chevrolet.

The Drive-In is offering a free screening of Jurassic Park for healthcare workers and first responders.

jurassic park 3 laura dern sam neill jeff goldblum
Universal Pictures

The showing is scheduled for July 11th and tickets can be picked up at Ira Jack Chevrolet located at 884 Portland Road in Saco beginning on June 1st. All they ask is you bring your work ID.

What a great opportunity for these hard-working people to take a break and have some fun. And what a great movie to see on a drive-in screen!

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