Bob Marley stopped by the studio this morning and I swear...I need to see a doctor about the pain in my side. He was here to tell us how he's spiffing veterans for Veteran's Day!


Bob does holidays shows every year at Merrill Auditorium. This will be his 18th year. But for vets and active military, he's giving away free tickets (while supplies last). He is giving away hundreds and does this every year.

If you are a veteran or active duty military, please go to the Merrill Auditorium box office Porttix:


20 Mytle Street


842-8200 / Opens at noon

His shows are a recap of the year, and they are hysterical. Think PG-13 might want to leave the 7 year olds at home.. The shows are December 29th - December 31st.


Happy Veteran's Day!


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