The digital age has brought us technology that has revolutionized our lives. Wherever we go, we are always connected. But that very connection can also be exploited in ways to try to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

The Freeport Police Department had to put a warning out on their Facebook page on Tuesday about a scam that was spreading through text messages. The message claims that the Freeport Police Department is selling shirts at $10 off and provided a link to click to buy yours.

The photo shared by the Freeport Police Department actually uses a person's name, in this case, Brittany. Police didn't indicate if the scammers are targeting people by name or not, but if the person who received this is named Brittany, that may very well be the case. That makes the text seem even more legit.

The website address shown is generated by a service that shortens long links to make them more easily shareable, or in this case in the hands of a scam artist, it's a clever way to hide the actual address that you would be sent to if you clicked it.

Whatever you do, do not click this link. The Freeport Police Department is not selling shirts. It's also a good idea to have virus protection on your device. Windows comes with its own called Microsoft Defender. It's free and will help to keep anything malicious off your computer. Also make sure you don't click on links that are shortened like this unless they come from a trusted source, like someone you know. Even then if it is from someone you know, it wouldn't hurt to give them a call or text and ask them if they sent you the link.

In general, you shouldn't need an antivirus for your phone whether it runs Android or iOS. Just make sure you give personal information only to sites that you trust.

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