Petrillo's in Freeport has been letting people eat inside for almost a week. Their license was pulled.

The owner, Dominic Petrillo, told the Portland Press Herald that a state health inspector temporarily suspended his license after going to Petrillo's on Monday.

Restaurants in Cumberland, Androscoggin and York County have to do take-out or outdoor dinning only. But Petrillo is ready for a fight and has vowed to get a lawyer and stay open.

He's upset about the suspension of his license, but he's way more upset that someone reported him. He put up on Facebook looking for whoever called the 'tattletale hotline'.

Petrillo's Facebook
Petrillo's Facebook

Dominic said he thinks other places are violating the executive order too, according to the Press Herald, and he said he is following all the rules to be safe including separating diners, sanitizing menus and tables after every use, and reminding people to wear their masks when they aren't seated.

He swears he's not a rebel, according to the article, he's just a businessman and trying to stay in business. He does believe he is being safe and putting his customers at risk is not his goal. Most people are supportive, but some did think he made the wrong choice in opening.



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