Ruth Cameron of Freeport, Maine went to her mailbox last week to find an anonymous letter from her neighbors asking her to remove her signs because Black Lives Matter supports "liberal terrorist organizations." The six-page letter went on to say that when people are donating to the cause of Black Lives Matter, they are also supporting terrorist groups -- one being Antifa -- who has been highlighted most recently on Fox news.

Ruth Cameron
Ruth Cameron

On the last page of the letter, as you can see in the photo, it says please remove your sign as it is very offensive to "true Patriots" in the neighborhood. The letter was anonymous, of course, and it also had articles attached from the New York Post from Michael González and Andrew Olsten as contributors.


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Shocked by the reaction to her lawn sign, Ruth went to Facebook and there was a tremendous outreach in support from the Freeport community. Melanie Sachs, who is currently running for House of Representatives in Maine, shared her post and found businesses including locally-owned and black-owned businesses in Maine to help create 100 more Black Lives Matter signs.

When I asked Miss Cameron what her thoughts on the letter were, she said, "I was shocked by the pamphlet left in my mailbox, but not surprised by the quick, positive support for people of color and Black Lives Matter movement by the people of Freeport. Overnight 100 Black Lives Matter lawn signs were ordered from a Maine black-owned business. The importance of this simple show of support for our friends, neighbors, and family of color was evident when a friend thanked me for helping her feel more comfortable in her own community."

For the sake of due diligence, we could not confirm if Black Lives Matter as an entirety or even as a local main chapter contributes to terrorist organizations such as Antifa. Some see the Black Lives Matter movement as a nuisance, others see it as saying that all lives DO matter. However, Black Lives have been overlooked. However you want to interpret this, I leave to you; I write the stories.


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