Doris, who lives in Freeport, is a supercentenarian at 111 years old! She has one meet the G.O.A.T.


Doris is an amazing woman. She turned 111 years old on Tuesday. Here's a little bio from Fandom:

Farrar was born in Bar Harbor, Maine, in 1906. At the age of eight, she moved with her family to Connecticut, where her father had found work.

Farrar worked as a nurse until she retired at the age of 70. She divorced her husband in the 1940s, and had three daughters, two of whom are still living as of 2016. She returned to Maine in 2003, and only stopped driving when she was 100. She has eight great-great-grandchildren.

In 1956, Farrar and two of her daughters had a lucky escape when they drove at the eye of a tornado in their car.


She was born in Bar Harbor in 1906, when Teddy Roosevelt was president. She keeps active and writes letter. One of those letters went to Tom Brady.



She would really like to meet Tom. Anyone know how we could make that happen for her?


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