Fuel, the French restaurant on Lisbon Street that lead a revitalization of the former busy downtown Lewiston area, is closing its doors on September 8.

As with so many other downtown areas, Lisbon Street was once the shopping district until The Auburn Mall opened in 1979. Over the years other stores and restaurants opened around it, ironically making the mall less of the attraction it was 40 years ago. The downtown area of Lisbon Street became a ghost town of stores that moved to the new mall or were forced to close altogether.

Eric Agren took a chance and opened Fuel 11 years ago on Lisbon Street just a few steps away from the courthouse. It thrived and, according to the Sun Journal, even had celebrities dine there including Patrick Dempsey, Kelly Ripa and Robert Di Nero. Other business followed and the Lisbon Street area began to thrive once again.

Now though, Agren has decided the time has come and will close Fuel on September 8. A post on Fuel's Facebook page explains the decision.


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