When I first saw this on News Center Maine, I was convinced there was a catch or that it was clickbait. I was wrong. You can get an entire Thanksgiving meal for free thanks to Walmart and the shopping app, Ibotta.


The process is simple. Download the Ibotta app and click on the Free Thanksgiving Dinner offer and shop the items at Walmart. Scan your receipt and you'll earn cashback for the entire purchase. Yes, you DO have to pay for the items up-front, but the money will come back to you!

So what do you get? Well, pretty much everything you'll need! Stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, French's crispy onions, instant mashed potatoes, turkey gravy seasoning, cream of mushroom soup, a bottle of Coke, and either a Butterball 3-pound turkey roast or $9.98 back on a Butterball whole turkey. For specific brands and details head over to News Center Maine.

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides

Even if you're not the cook for the big day, how awesome would it be to have a backup meal during these crazy times? We could all use a little help or at the very least, a cushion. And this is the perfect opportunity.

So download Ibotta and get to Walmart, ya turkeys!

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