Lou and I spent Halloween eve at the Irish Heritage Center in Portland with the It's Haunted Crew. They recorded a ghost on my shoulder!


This crew has all the fancy equipment: Flux Response Device, Spirit Box, K2 Meters, night vision cameras and an SLS Camera that captures images with points.

I sat in front of a mirror in a room where brides wait, and I stared into the mirror...and then everyone got very excited as a ghost appeared on my shoulders!


I did not feel this ghost - but the room was super creepy and they were VERY excited to see this image. I'm in white and the red circle is the mirror...

I will never say there are no such things as ghosts and I believe in energy all around us. But I didn't really see one to the point where I was a huge believer. In other words, I'm not the 6th Sense kid seeing dead people...yet.

I had a great time with a ton of very passionate people and would do it again in a heart beat!

Do you think you have a ghost? The 'It's Haunted Crew' led by Chris Sanders will find it...


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