Gronk took to Instagram Sunday to let the world know he has officially retired from football. And while I could hear the collective heart of Patriots fans across the nation breaking, I still hope he'll come out of retirement after the OTAs and decide he wants to continue to play. He most likely won't though.

So the fans worry about next season, but keep in mind the Patriots beat the Falcons in the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time without Gronk. We'll be fine.

Although we will miss the big kid on the field, we'll miss the Gronk Spike and all the antics that come with the celebrations of winning.

Here are my top 5 Gronk-isms from his amazing career.

1. Gronk shooting a "mini gun" as he was preparing for his role in a movie called Boss Level. Some people can barely even life that weapon off the ground. Gronk makes it look small.

2. The Gronk-Dola hug.

3. Gronk Puts Himself In Liam Neeson movie thriller The Commuter.

In a hilarious move, Gronk puts himself in the trailer for The Commuter starring Liam Neeson. A movie about an insurance salesman/Ex-Cop getting caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commutes home. I think the movie bombed at the theaters, probably because Gronk wasn't in it!

4. Gronk Celebrating Championships.

Almost yearly you could find ol #87 on a duck boat in February crusing through the streets of Boston hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in one hand as the Patriots celebrate another Super Bowl win. In the other hand was usually always a beer that he would waste no time chugging.

5. Gronk Smash

Probably not last, and certainly not least, the touchdown celebrations. The Gronk Smash, or Gronk Spike, whatever it was called at your house, it will be missed.

Thank You Rob, and good luck with whatever you decide to do next!

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