For a minute, I got super excited that I could help Maine...but I have the wrong stink bug. Do you have the super bad ones at your place?


According to WMTW, Maine state biologists need our help finding a super invasive kind of stink bug. It's the brown marmorated stink bug, Some how this stinker is surviving Maine winters!

It's been found in 12 of Maine's 16 counties! That's not good. But don't be confused about which stink bug.

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Division of Animal and Plant Health

I was so close to helping...until I realized the one invading MY house, is that creepy one on the right. Apparently everyone has those.

But that sucker on the left...that's the one that biologists want to study and find out where they are so that they can get a handle on crop damage for the upcoming growing season.