Everyone agrees that Wendy Auger, a mother from Gonic, New Hampshire, should be able to keep her vanity plate 'PB4WEGO'.

Wendy has been proudly rockin' this bad boy for 15 years. It's become her claim to fame! People give her friendly honks on the road because of it.

Every mom in the history of moms has reminded the kiddos to pee before embarking on a long car ride. It's common sense!

Governor Sununu heard about this ordeal and didn't agree with the Division of Motor Vehicle's decision to recall the plate:

According to Boston.com, Sununu left Wendy a voicemail sharing the good news that her license plate will not be recalled. We will continue to see the 'PB4WEGO' plate cruising around Strafford County.

Pee Free or Die!

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