According to WMUR New Hampshire, Ellen Copello was taking her daily walk by the water and looking for shells, and what does she happen to find? An urn.

The story would be comical if this were a television show, but this is real life.


“I walked up to it, and when I ever saw it was the same box as my Mother’s, that I buried my Mother in, but my Mother’s was pink. So, I knew it was an urn, and then, of course, I looked closer, and it said ‘Grandma’ and I knew it was an urn,” Copello said told WMUR News on Tuesday.

The New Hampshire Medical Examiners office is currently in possession of the urn as they look to reunite the lost loved one with her family.


If you have any information, please call the New Hampshire State Police at (603) 271-3575.

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