This giant pumpkin weighs over 1465 pounds and is considered too small to compete with the big boys!


It belongs to WMGE13's Charlie Lopresti!

Charlie Lopresti

Charlie has been growing prize pumpkins for years. This gigantic 1400+ pumpkin was NOT prized. Charlie says that the winner this year was 2121 lbs. There were some really big pumpkins! Part of the problem was lousy weather in July but August and September weather made up for it.  He should know - he's the chief meteorologist for WGME13. Weather and pumpkins this guy knows very well!

Have you ever wanted to grow your own giant pumpkin? Guess who loves helping people grow huge pumpkins? Yup, Charlie Lopresti. He's also into sharing and teaching you how to grow big gourds! If you want pumpkin seeds to grow, he's happy to share! Just shoot him a quick email at

Back a couple of years ago, this pumpkin won the top prize at the Cumberland County Fair! It weighed 664 pounds and is a gorgeous orange! It came in first place in the giant pumpkin contest at the Cumberland County Fair.

Charlie Lopresti

Charlie loved this pumpkin because, despite its hugeness, it still resembled a pumpkin. A lot of times when you grow a monster of a pumpkin, it starts to lose any look of a pumpkin. Charlie has said that he can see his giant pumpkins sometimes grow 50 pounds a day! Yes, 50 pounds in one day!


What a cool hobby! Remember, if you want it to be YOUR hobby, Charlie would love to help.



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