When I saw a camera crew at Portland's Porthole tonight, I just assumed it was for me...nope. They were filming a new TV show starting this fall!


That's Andrew Zimmerman from the Travel Channel's 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman'. If you haven't seen this show, this guy has a gut of steal as he has eaten everything from bugs to horse rectum.

Well, he's got a new show coming this fall called 'The Zimmerman List'. This time he gets to travel the world to eat his favorite foods! Nothing bizarre about it.


One stop was the Porthole for their seafood chowder and steamed clams! Maine and Boston are his first two stops!

I was able to sneak a little video of Andrew speaking with someone in the crowd. She was a waiter at '555' in Portland and served his dad....


See? You never know what you'll see at the Porthole on Thirsty Thursdays! We're there every Thursday for summer happy hours 5 pm - 7 pm. No date has been announced for the new show....



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