8-year old Hailey Steward from Bethel has been fighting B-cell leukemia since she was 5. She has years of fighting ahead of her, but for one brief moment this weekend - her dream came true true thanks to Tom Brady.


If you think you are a Patriot's fan...meet Hailey. Her room at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital is decked out. And she said she thought she would pass out if she ever met Tom Brady.

WMTW was contacted by the Patriots after they did a story on Hailey on December 16th. They invited Hailey and her family to Sunday's game. They couldn't go because of treatments...that's when she got a message from Tom Brady himself.

Hailey and her idol Tom Brady met Saturday at Gillette Stadium.

I don't even care that the Patriots blew a game with the Jets when I see this. Tom Brady is a classy guy and Haily is a hero.

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