Each sweet hand made item has a note on it...


The note on each item says on one side:


Take this item...if you're cold...or if you like it. Wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.  Chase the Chill - Portland, Maine


Free! I tried to find information on Chase the Chill. What I was able to find is that it's a knitting organization, but with not a lot of contact information. This isn't their first event. I could find hats and handmade warm things left for the taking, dating back six years. I don't know if Covid has changed things, but they still want to give back. This is in the square near News Center Maine and The Eastland Hotel in Portland. The best, sweetest touch is the personal note each item has.


This handwritten note says,

Enjoy in good health!  Andrea


Sure we've been having weird warm weather in the 70's...but it won't last. I'm sure these items are needed and appreciated. Thank you Chase the Chill for your act of kindness to help those that may need a little warmth this winter.



Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: