You are seeing this correctly: this coffee shop is wearing medical gloves to hand coffee out of the drive-through.

This, my friends, is a reflection of the times we are in.

However, if you notice, the employee behind her did not wear any. That is the problem with what is going on, there is not one message given to us as to how to behave during this time.

Downtown Portland is abandoned while Old Orchard Beach was alive and thriving. At a time when social distancing is being stressed, some are not taking these things seriously enough.

On my friend Shelley Wade's Facebook page, the person who permitted me to use this photo, was the caption.

"I went through the________ drive-thru yesterday, noticed that my server was wearing gloves & I asked her if that was because of Coronavirus. She told me yes. Then I asked if everyone there had to wear gloves & she said no & that it was a personal which point, her co-worker behind her raised his hands to show me that he wasn't wearing gloves. It was the perfect example of the fact that we're all just trying to figure out how to navigate this current Coronavirus reality...we just don't know...everyone's confused & life as we know it is upended. Take care of yourselves, guys.' - Shelley Wade

The bottom line is, follow government warnings, protect yourselves, and please be careful. We will all get through this soon!

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