Hannaford becomes the latest chain store to stop selling tobacco products.


According to the Bangor Daily News, by fall all of Hannafords 183 stores, in New England and New York, will get rid of their tobacco producdts. There are 63 Hannaford stores in Maine with different dates for different stores, but fall is the goal.



Hannaford says that they had been moving away from selling tobacoo products for a while because they are committed to health.

I didn't realize this, but Target hasn't sold tobacco since 1996. CVS stopped in 2014. Walmart and Walgreens still sells tobacco, but they raised the age to buy it to 21. They did that before President Trump signed a law that made the minimum age to buy tobacco 21.

It's a great move by Hannaford, as we are all trying to be healthier these days...or just plain healthy.



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