In my first act as our nation's first female President/Radio Personality duo I will make every Tuesday a national holiday. Taco Tuesday will forever be recognized as a special day when friends and family come together to feast over the tasty handheld Mexican meal.

If you find yourself in Portland on Taco Tuesday, here's your list of spots to hit up for those taco cravings.

Taco Escobarr

I've tried to order something different at Taco Escobarr but inevitably I end up with my favorite soft fish tacos every single time. The fish tacos in this picture are on their famous puffy shell. I recommend any combination of any taco at Taco Escobarr... Although I've never tried the Lengua. You can Google that one.


El Rayo

I have to exercise intense self control now that El Rayo has opened it's doors right behind our studios. I'd eat tacos everyday if I could, especially the chicken tacos at El Rayo.


Taco Trio

Bear with me on this one. Taco Trio isn't open on Taco Tuesday. It's seems blasphemous, but you'll forgive them once you try their tacos. Spoiler Alert: I'm going for the pescado chipotle because fish tacos are life.


El Corazon

Food truck tacos > Other tacos. It's that simple.


Hella Good Tacos

They started as a taco cart now they're here (Washington Avenue). Pop into Hella Good Tacos for their classic carne asada taco topped simply with cilantro, onion, salsa, and optional guac and sour cream. Yes, we know it's extra, load it on there.

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