The weather was just perfect and Mainers were out in force.


Despite the insane amount we are all paying for gas, travel this Memorial Day weekend was expected to go up by 11% according to the Maine Turnpike Authority. So just how nuts are gas prices? Well, we've hit a new record in Maine at $4.76 a gallon according to AAA as of 5/30/22.

Somehow we are paying almost 5 dollars a gallon because we can move around a bit more now that Covid appears to be in the rearview mirror.

According to AAA, Cumberland, Somerset, and Aroostook counties all have the highest average at $4.80 a gallon. That leads me to wonder, has anyone seen 5 dollars a gallon somewhere? Maybe it was 5 dollars at the super expensive place you never go to but drive by and wonder to yourself, 'Who buys gas there?!"

Gas Price

Did gas prices affect your holiday weekend plans? Sadly, they didn't affect mine at all. I grin and bear it as I fill up my car and am horrified that it's about 20 bucks more to fill my tank.

As bad and shocking as gas prices are in Maine, I made myself feel better and looked at California through AAA.

I think I would have a heart attack if I had to pay over 6 dollars a gallon for gas. I know that not everyone who lives in California is a Hollywood star, so how can they afford to pay this?

There's not a state in our country paying under 4 dollars a gallon right now. Some of the lowest gas prices in the country are in Kansas, Georgia, and Oklahoma. The average for these states is around $4.13 a gallon. And that's the cheap stuff. I'm no gas expert, but something's gotta give. Wanna get even more depressed? Read on...

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