If you happen to be in the area of East Deering in Portland and see a boat traveling along railroad tracks, you aren't dreaming. 

Maine Yacht Center has started moving customer's boats from their marina to one of their indoor storage buildings on Presumpscot Street by using the railroad tracks that run from the old Back Cove bridge through the East Deering neighborhood.

It's a short trip, but a much easier haul than on busy public roads.

It seems they modified one of their yard trailers to run on rails. Load the boat up and off you go up the tracks to the storage facility with a wide path and no traffic.

Tim Sullivan

The rails are no longer in regular use ever since the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad stopped shipping to the B&M plant at the end of the line just before the now closed swing bridge that crossed the entrance to Back Cove.

Keep an eye out along Presumpscot Street and you may catch one of these boat trips on rails over the next month or so.