The Old Port Horse

If you’ve spent time outside on a nice day in the Old Port, there’s a chance you’ve seen a dark brown horse walking through the cobblestone streets. The giant majestic animal catches your eye first as you take a triple glance, is that a horse?? And then you notice an adorable yellow lab trailing loyally behind.

I first saw the threesome when I was working at Sebago Brewing Company in Portland two years ago. I was waiting on a table on the patio and thought I was hallucinating when I saw a horse walking our way. The owner rode the Friesian beauty right up to the tables and let the guests pet the horse, friendly as can be.

It was a gorgeous day in July so the patio was filled with tourists losing their minds probably wondering if this was just another typical day for Portlanders. And actually, it is.

I since spoke to the cowboy, Gerry Scott, and he told me that he loves seeing how happy it makes people. It’s not every day you get to be that up close and personal to such a beautiful animal. He even told me that a man from Boston met the horse on a weekend trip to Maine, drove back to Massachusettes, and brought his wife back to see if they could find him again.

St. Patrick’s Day at Three Dollar Dewey’s

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day and the streets of Portland were flooded with festive folk celebrating the holiday. After counting down the hours until work was over, my co-workers and I grabbed some beers at Shay’s then walked down to Three Dollar Dewey’s. As we walked by the alley next to the restaurant, we saw the infamous horse.

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Already knowing the answer, I approached Cowboy Scott and asked if I could pet Hercules, the Friesian. I was dressed up in my holiday garb and cracked some jokes, made a new friend, and hopped right onto the horse. He let me ride it around the alleyway, my stomach hurting from laughing and my coworkers stunned at what was going on. Is this really happening right now?

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It was an iconic day in general filled with good people, good drinks, and good times but that moment with Hercules, Gerry, and Molly the yellow lab was the most legendary part we will never forget. I woke up this morning and my first thought was… I rode a freaking horse yesterday.

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