I'm a big fan of the HBO show Veep. When I found out out of the characters is played by an actor from Maine, I became an even bigger fan. Gotta support our Mainers, am I right? The actor is Timothy Simons and he plays love-to-hate-him character Jonah Ryan alongside legendary comedienne Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Tim is from Readfield, Maine and attended Maranacook High School, just a few towns over from where I went to high school. He also attended my alma mater, the University of Maine in Orono. Basically, we're best friends.

Just kidding, I'm a borderline obnoxious fan girl who has been dying to fulfill my bucket list item of singing the Maine Stein Song with Tim Simons. When Tim posted a photo of a Christmas display in Rockland yesterday, I knew this was my chance to catch him while he was in town from Los Angeles.

I think I was a little rude looking back on our exchange, but he seemed to take my joke like a pro. Our original conversation is in the Instagram comments below, but I've also transcribed it here.

KYLIECoooool! Come hang with us on The Q Morning show while you're in town! Jeff "doesn't get" why Veep is so funny and Lori and I are just like, "But the line about the croissant!"

TIMhahaha I'd love to but I didn't bring a single tie with me. Next time for sure! Where do you guys film?

KYLIEIt's radio, luckily you have the perfect face for it. *Smirking Emoji* We're at One City Center in Portland!

TIMyep I'm made for that. Maybe when I'm in town next summer?

Listen, Tim, if you're reading this, I'm really sorry about my uncalled-for joke about your face being perfect for radio. You've got a great face. I'm also sorry for hi-jacking the comments section of a lovely Christmas photo. But still, I'm holding you to this.

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