We all know that calling 911 is NO JOKE. This little girl accidentally dialed the lifesaving line, and she is so sorry.

Knock on wood, I hope you never have to call 911. We are certainly lucky that when we do, those first responders move fast. According to WMTW Channel 8, Keira Dore from Skowhegan, Maine got her hands the a phone a few days ago, and dialed 911. There was no emergency with her or at her home, and we all know that is a big 'no no'. Her parents sat her down, and explained how important it is to only call 911 when you have an emergency. Keira understood, and felt awful for her mistake. So bad, that she wrote a sorry letter to the police and asked to meet with them. In the letter she wrote "I am sorry for calling 911. I won't do it again". How stinkin cute is that?! She meet with police too and all has been forgiven. Kudos to the parents for taking the time to talk to their daughter and for raising a well behaved daughter!

Have you talked to your children about calling 911?

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