At the time of this writing, the person of interest in the Lewiston, Maine, shooting, Robert Card, has not yet been apprehended by police.

Also, at the time of this writing, the same Maine police departments (and there are multiple of them currently on duty for this situation), have not stopped. Ever since the entire incident began last night, police first in Lewiston, and then surrounding communities, police have not stopped.

And, quite honestly, they deserve our endless appreciation and thanks for that. Not only police, but other first responders, and Maine news reporters, also deserve the same thanks and appreciation.

Stephanie Grindley via X / Johnny Maffei via X
Stephanie Grindley via X / Johnny Maffei via X

You have to think about it. For over12 hours (at the time of this writing), Lewiston and surrounding areas in every direction, have been told by officials to shelter in place and stay in their homes or wherever they happened to be at the time the order was given to remain safe.

Yet, those same officials, local police officers, FBI officers, and more, are not sheltering in place. In fact, while telling us to stay out of harm's way, they're putting themselves in harm's way. For no other reason than to keep us safe.

There are other first responders -- nurses, doctors, EMS workers -- who are also not sheltering in place. Both from Maine and away. Because they're putting themselves in harm's way to patch wounds and aid victims in any way possible.

In fact, there have been plenty of reports of hundreds of EMS workers rushing to Maine facilities to help however they can, and also other nurses and life-saving personnel who were about to end their already-long shifts or just had, yet stayed or turned right back around to go in.

While first responders have been out and about keeping us safe and keeping us healthy all night long while the rest of us are sheltering in place away from danger, massive appreciation needs to also be given and shown to news reporters both from Maine and from away.

Because, again, while the rest of us shelter in place and lock ourselves somewhere to stay out of harm's way, our Maine news teams, news crews from New Hampshire, even reporters from Boston, have all been heading toward the scene and where the action is heaviest all night long, simply to keep us informed.

It's important to realize and remember that, like us, these people are also just like us. They're normal human beings with families and lives, and while we're huddling and hunkering down with ours, they're leaving their families for us. They may be normal human beings like us, but they're clearly on another level of selflessness.

THANK YOU, first responders and news reporters from Maine and from away. We're grateful for you. Stay as safe as possible.

Shooting in Lewiston 10/25/23

Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander

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