Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is asking the public for their thoughts on three new designs for a flag to commemorate our beautiful state turning 200 years old, (doesn't look a day over 150!)

The Associated Press reports Matthew wants to make sure that, as Maine turns 200, we celebrate the big birthday with the best flag possible. This flag won't replace out existing State Flag, but will be prominent throughout the year in 2020. And Mainers have a chance to vote for their favorite design.

The first flag you'l see is my favorite. It's a modified version of our original state flag with the water and pine tree, in the upper left corner is the Dirigo emblem. Simple concept but gets the point across.

The second flag looks like a political sign you'd see on the side of the road, all white background with a bunch of words and the slogan "Leading The Way."

The third choice is a three color design, white, green and blue to symbolize ice, land and water. This flag also has the Dirigo emblem on it.

The three different designs can be viewed and voted on here.

Matthew says the result of the public vote will play a major role in his decision, according to the Associated Press.

Hurry, voting ends Friday, May 17th at 5pm.

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