We previously published this article about the median home prices per county in New Hampshire. It's no secret that the housing market is unbelievably tough, and the job market is no exception.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, although the unemployment rate is declining as we emerge out of the pandemic, there are still over six million people in the US who remain unemployed.

More specifically, New Hampshire Employment Security says that over 20,000 people in the Granite State are currently unemployed. With college graduations occurring as we speak, this number is only going to go up as more people enter the pool of applicants seeking work.

With so many looking for jobs, folks can use all the help they can get. Even those of us who are employed and content in our current job situations have experienced the struggle of trying to find companies we're not only interested in, but who are equally interested in us.

Here in New Hampshire, there are lots of businesses that hire thousands of individuals. But what are some of these larger companies and employers in the state? And which (if any) of their positions are currently open?

We've done some research on Zippia, NH Economy, and New Hampshire Business Review, and found more information on some of the biggest companies and employers in New Hampshire.

So, let's learn more about these businesses, what they're about, and who's hiring.

All quoted employer descriptions come from their official respective websites.

Here Are 10 of the Largest Companies & Employers in New Hampshire

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