The Maine Home and Remodeling Show is this weekend in Portland, and it has everyone in the mood for a little spring remodel. Don't have that much money in the bank? No worries! Here are 5 easy things you can do in a matter of days that will up your home value and have you feeling like you just moved in.

1) Paint Your Cabinets

A simple coat of paint will have your kitchen looking like new. Freshen up with a stark white or mix it up with a new color.

Modern clean wet bar with granite countertop cabinets, faucet in model house, home or apartment, mini fridge
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2) Install New Drawer Handles

Toss those outdated ceramic pulls and grab a set of stainless steel handles. Your office, kitchen, or bathroom will look brand new!

3) Add Extra Seating Outside

If you have so much as a grassy walkway up to your door, a large enough front desk for a couple chairs, or even better - a back yard, pick up some extra outdoor seating to create a space to chill!

Outdoor patio deck on new renovation extension in contemporary Melbourne home
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4) Update Curb Appeal

With a new coat of paint on your front door, new potted plants in your entryway, and some new address numbers, your house will look like the newest one on the block in no time.

5) Add Visible Storage

Back inside, install a couple floating shelves to store the stuff cluttering up the table inside your front door or the tchotchkes you stuffed into your hallway closet. It will make your home look like one of those staged ones on Fixer Upper, I promise.

For more info on home remodels and upgrades, attend the Maine Home and Remodeling Show in Portland this weekend!

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