Well, I almost lived a dream this weekend. I've been looking forward to The Summer Set's performance on the Dunkin' Donuts Super Stage at One City Center since I found out they were coming to my city for the first time a few months ago. Everyone knows I am a super fan of The Summer Set so The Q Morning Show was selected to introduce the band before their set. Due to some miscommunication, it didn't really work the way it was supposed to work.

Just before the band started playing and as they sound checked their mics, we hopped on the back of the stage. Then, all of the sudden, frontman Brian Logan Dales introduced the band and played right into their first song. Our pal and fellow on-air personality Ryan Gavin was ready with the camera to capture our introduction, but since we didn't actually introduce anything, he just got our dejected body language and embarrassed hop off the stage.

The good news is I still had a stellar time singing along to my favorite songs by The Summer Set. Hopefully we can get them back on stage in Portland sometimes soon and I can fulfill my introduction duties.

Thank you for joining us at Old Port Fest. We had so much fun dancing and singing with you. We'll see ya next year in Monument Square!

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