HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! It's time to eat hot dogs, drink beer, and blow stuff up. Just keep in mind that your explosive American holiday is your pet's worst nightmare. Let's not make it worse, shall we? Here's how to keep your pet safe on America's birthday.

1) Don't Feed 'Em Stuff They Can't Eat

Beer, brats and citranella candles are all a crucial part of our backyard barbecues, but none are great (and some are poisonous) to our furry friends. Enjoy your meat and bugless brews, but make sure all the harmful stuff is out of your pet's reach. Ps. onions, garlic, and avocado are all bad for dogs. Don't hand down the loaded hot dog, folks.

2) Keep 'Em Cool

It's a scorchah this year and your pets will be panting up a storm. If you have a room with an AC unit, opt to keep them in there as opposed to your sun-drenched back deck. If they just can't stay away from the action, keep their water bowls full and offer them a frozen towel to play with or lie on.

3) Keep 'Em Distracted From The World Ending

As much as we tell our animal friends that fireworks are not here to harm us, they will perpetually think it's the apocalypse knocking on our door. If you're leaving the house, soothe their nerves by playing music or tv loud enough to muffle the explosions. If you're there with them, fix a special treat and give a piece to them after every big boom.

4) Don't Lose 'Em

Above all, make sure your house is secure and your pet's tags are up to date with your name, number, and address. Many dogs and cats are apt to scatter in panic if they think they're in danger and it's important to keep them protected and secure in your home.

5) Leave Them Home, Safe and Sound

If it wasn't clear already, don't bring Fido. They don't want to come to your bestie's party no matter how many sausages they'll get. All they see is people, food they can't have, screaming kids and - best of all - explosions in the sky (the end of the world, not the relaxing vibes 2000s band.)

Set your pet up for success with treats, distractions, and lots o' love. Believe me, your dog will be thrilled to find out that the 5th of July exists.


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