If you wear glasses, you're familiar with the struggle of transitioning from outside to inside in cold weather. It's a relief to escape the cold and peel off your layers, but you have to put up with foggy glasses as moisture in the warm air condenses into vapor and clings to your chilled specs. As four-eyed winners everywhere are well aware, it also happens when you're bundled up to your nose and exhale outside, letting your hot breath vapors float up and hug your cold lenses.

I grew tired of peering at everyone over foggy glasses perched on my nose and finally googled solutions to my problem. I collected a few rumored hacks to the problem and took matters into my own hands to find out which works best. Below, I present to you the results!

Our contestants between four lenses were:

Sliced Potato, Dish Soap, Shaving Cream, Hand Sanitizer

NOTE: After airing this experiment, an optical lab technician contacted us and warned that shaving cream and hand sanitizer can remove paint from metal frames and potentially diminish any special finish (glare protection, transition lenses, etc.) that your lenses may have on them.

We rubbed each substance on the lens, creating a film on the glass, then gently wiped away any remaining residue until the glass was clear again. See the process below:


Next, we put our filmy lenses to the test...

And our winner is: Dish soap!

Shaving cream seemed to work as well, although it's more of a hassle to remove completely (there's definitely still white foam in the crevices of Lori's glasses hinge) and hand sanitizer, though it worked alright, could potentially strip your lenses of previously applied film (glare protection, transition lenses, etc.) Potato, sadly, had no effect. I was particularly disappointed by this because I was really looking forward to employing this bizarre fix for years to come! Alas, dish soap it is.

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