Maine is known for its wild bluebs, and picking one's own is a classic summer activity. When I asked the masses for ideas on where to go, here's what you said:

"It's too early to go blueberry picking." Okay, okay - fair point. But I have to plan ahead, people. Mama's got a lot of weddings to attend this summer and my planner is booked until mid July anyway, which I hear is peak pickin' time. So I digress:

Libby & Son in Limerick, Maine

Julie on instagram told me this place is the best for blueberries, along with apples and raspberries. If you can get all your pickin' done is one fell swoop, why on earth wouldja pass that up?! They've also got cider doughnuts as captured on their instagram, so when you need to give your fingers a break you can go stuff your face instead.

Dragonfly Meadow is known for their organic blueberries and as per their latest facebook update, their berries are looking a lot better than last season. @jennrightmeow captured their essence rather aptly in this shot last July:

Lavigne's Strawberry Farm in Sanford, Maine

Despite its name, Lavigne's has bluebs as well as strawbs. As we discovered earlier, blueberry picking doesn't hit its prime for another month or so, but strawbs are well into their season and Lavigne's posts their hours daily so you're always in the know.

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