I get it, New England, and especially in Maine, it's cold and it likes to snow a lot. Therefore people are out shoveling and plowing at all hours of the day. However, it is important to remember that just because sidewalks and other walkways are shoveled, they are good to walk on.

The lesson of the day: if you do not see any sand/salt down to help with ice, do not walk in that area.

Take it from me, ice is not our friend when trying to walk places. Now, I know that most of us New Englanders understand that, but this is just your reminder.

Today, as I was walking to work, I decided to walk a few feet that was already shoveled. Honestly, I forgot to check to see if any salt was put down. I quickly realized that there was not any when I ended up on the ground.

Yup, you guessed it! Slipped and fell not far from the door.

I'm sure that I do not have to explain to you that, you can seriously hurt yourself if you fall, so you really have to be careful while walking.

Now, I know the "rules" for walking during the snow and winter, wear the proper footwear, pace yourself when walking, and use handrails nearby to help stop you from falling, but obviously, that did not help me today.

Here are three other "tips" that may help both you and me in the future:

  1. Walk like a penguin
  2. Carry your own salt in your pockets and throw it like a flower girl at a wedding
  3. Bring liquid de-icer with you for where you plan on walking

Okay, granted the second one may seem funny, it honestly may help! You can also just walk in the snow instead of places that have previously been shoveled.

The moral of the story is don't end up like me. Look where you are walking, take your time, and brace yourself.

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