Maine Snow Forecast

We're at that time of year in Northern New England that some people love and some people dread.

For the lovers, they have thoughts of shredding down every mountain possible on a set of skis, a snowboard, a tube, or maybe even walking trails in cross country skis.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash
Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

For the haters, it's nonstop thoughts of existential dread of having to shovel, snowblow, and possibly slip and slide while driving (along with the stereotypical "big boy" trucks riding the bumpers of smaller sedans) for a few months.

And with both the Farmer's Almanac and a popular YouTube weather analyst predicting a snow-filled winter -- including a "big daddy snowstorm" -- one Maine news reporter is probably salivating over the amount of times he'll get to indulge in his legendary winter tradition.

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash / Johnny Maffei via X
Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash / Johnny Maffei via X

WGME Reporter Johnny Maffei

Johnny Maffei covers it all for CBS 13. From stories that tug at heart strings to lighthearted, fun topics like the Incredible Breakfast Cook-Off to kick off Maine Restaurant Week, Johnny is everywhere for WGME. And its written all over his face every single time he's living his best life anytime he gets to do a live hit about snowfall in different parts of Maine.

Because while some reporters will simply pick up a handful of snow, form it into a ball and say, "Good snowball snow" or watch it crumble in their hands and say, "Not good snowball snow," Johnny takes it one step further.

Johnny goes yard like a big slugger.

Here's hoping that someday, we get a "Johnny Maffei Annual Charity Snowball Home Run Derby," because sometimes, you just need to have fun and swing at the snowballs.

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