While you are all quarantined at home, there is some entertainment value that is to be taken advantage of.

A few days ago, John Legend did a live concert from what appears to be his trophy room.

The show is about fifty minutes long, but you have nowhere to be, so why not. 

Coldplay's Chris Martin also took part in this display of solidarity and world patriotism known as #TogetherAtHome as he did a concert from home as performing such hits as Clocks, Viva La Vida, and Life on Mars by David Bowie. 

And Niall Horan of One Direction took part doing his own music and some from the now parted Boy Band.

If you are a Mainer that drives to Boston for a lot of these shows to see these acts and those shows are canceled, you can enjoy them in your own home.. dressed just like you. 

Bonus Footage is Lauv, raising money for COVID-19 relief. 

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