Zippia, a new website dedicated to helping recent college grads with their career choices, found out the highest and lowest paying jobs in every state. You might change your major...

Zippia crunched the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and came up with the highest paid jobs in every state. What's crazy is that if you aren't in the medical field, you didn't make the list.

But crazy good news, Maine made the top 5 highest paid jobs with the ol' OB/GYN. I know I have probably bought mine a new car...or two:

  1. State: North Dakota
    Position: Anesthesiologists
    Salary: $283,200
  2. State: Colorado
    Position: Orthodontists
    Salary: $281,470
  3. State: Nebraska
    Position: Surgeons
    Salary: $280,830
  4. State: Iowa
    Position: Anesthesiologists
    Salary: $280,020
  5. State: Maine
    Position: OB/GYN
    Salary: $279,390

Then there is the other end of the scale...the lowest paid jobs in every state:


Good news again for Maine...we did NOT make the bottom 5 states for lowest paid jobs. Our low paying job in Maine is 'dressing room hospitality'. That's a job?

  1. State: Wisconsin
    Position: Shampooers
    Salary: $16,960
  2. State: Indiana
    Position: Shampooers
    Salary: $17,240
  3. State: Wyoming
    Position: Ushers
    Salary: $17,410
  4. State: Iowa
    Position: Models
    Salary: $17,460
  5. State: Tennessee
    Position: Cooks, Fast Food
    Salary: $17,470

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