This train should not be missed!

The 2023 CPKC Holiday Train tours Canada and the United States starting November 20 through December 19. This is only their second year coming to Maine. They will be here on Tuesday, November 21.

CPKC Holiday Train Facebook
CPKC Holiday Train Facebook

First of all, what's remarkable about this train is that it's GORGEOUS! Secondly, during their stops, they have free concerts from one of the brightly decorated train cars. Then, the best part is that CPKC donates to local food shelters. Although the concerts are free, you are encouraged to make a donation.

CPKC Holiday Train - Vimeo
CPKC Holiday Train - Vimeo

Where in Maine can I see the train?

Since 1999, the CPKC Holiday Train has raised more than $22.5 million and over five million pounds of food for community food banks across North America. That's so cool! They are coming to Northern Maine for three stops on one day, November 21.

  • Hermon, Maine - 11/21/23 - 11:30 am:  Coldbrook Road railway crossing between Autocar Lane and Dave’s Way
  • Brownville, Maine - 11/21/23 - 5:15 pm: CPKC railyard, 1586 Main Road adjacent to CPKC parking lot      
  • Jackman, Maine - 11/21/23 - 9:30 pm:   CPKC railyard, 4 Walton Street adjacent to Rancourt Logistics

Sure, it might be a hike up into parts of Maine you may not see all the time, but that makes it even better. I would say it would be well worth the trip!

This is the 25th anniversary of the CPKC Holiday train, and only the second time it's stopped through Maine. We're pretty lucky to have this train share its dedication to helping food pantries! Find the schedule and the artists that will be entertaining us right here!

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