Oh. My. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

You love donuts, right? It's tough not to. Even if you're gluten-free or vegan, there are definitely donut options for you to dig into and enjoy.

xandreasw / Pablo Pacheco
xandreasw / Pablo Pacheco

You also love pizza, right? Even more than donuts. Hands down. And again, there are plenty of gluten-free pizza options and even vegan pizza options so everyone can indulge.

You picked a hell of a time to be alive, because one of Maine's best donut places and one of Maine's most delicious pizza joints have collaborated to give us a savory, ooey, gooey pizza donut.

holydonutmaine via Instagram
holydonutmaine via Instagram

Holy Donut in Maine

Arguably one of the best and most popular donut places in Maine has to be Holy Donut. And the proof is in the fact that there are multiple locations. According to the official Holy Donut website, there are two locations in Portland (one on Commercial Street and one on Park Avenue), one in Scarborough (on Route 1), and their newest location in Arundel (on Portland Road.)

Slab Portland

And like Holy Donut has basically conquered the donut world in Maine, Slab Sicilian Street Food in Portland is arguably some of the best pizza you'll find not only in Portland but in Maine overall.

And thankfully, starting tomorrow (Wednesday, June 7) we'll be able to taste the deliciousness of both places in one bite thanks to the Slab Pizza Donut.

Available only at the Park Avenue location of Holy Donut, the Slab Pizza Donut takes the deliciousness of Holy Donut's infamous potato donuts and stuffs it with either cheese only or cheese and pepperoni and combines it with the comfort of Slab's homemade sauce on the side.

Drool City. Population: All of us.

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