How would you like to host a French teen this summer, for just three weeks? Welcome to the Maine-French Exchange....


If hosting a foreign exchange student has scared you because of the long term commitment,  the Maine-French Exchange program may be the perfect fit for you and your family.

Aaron and Angela Gilbert direct a program in which young people from France can visit the United States and gain a better understanding of the American culture. There are two groups of teens coming this year.  The first group will arrive on June 24th  and return to France on July 14th.  The second group of students will arrive July 14th and return to France on August 4th.


  • There are two 16 year old boys and one 13 year old girl looking for a host family for first session, (June 24th to July 14th) and one 13 year old boy for second session left to place.  Maine-French Exchange only has a few days left to place these students or they will unfortunately will not be able to come to America.
  • In 15 years they have never had to turn a student away and they have also never gotten this close to the placement dates and had this many students left to place.

Can you host a french teen?



If you can help, I know these kids would be forever grateful....



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