Since I got a new pair of glasses a couple of months ago, I have been struggling with the fact that wearing a mask makes it is impossible to keep them clean. I wipe them down I use the wet cloth I even use my shirt in times, and I'll put them on my face, and everything is clear as day. Then I put my mask on and start breathing, all of the sudden there's a mist that comes up from the moisture of my breath at the top of the mask. Even as it dissipates for some reason, my glasses are still dirty.

Now, does that mean my breath is dirty? I asked my doctor this, and she said no. What I am looking for from anyone reading this is for a solution to my problem from my glasses remaining clean while wearing a mask. I still have to protect myself from this God awful pandemic that's happening on; this is just a mess! My glasses are needed to see correctly, but it's also a fashion statement that I don't want to be messed up. What are you doing to keep your glasses clean please let me know?

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