There's great debate around the grill about just how people like their hot dogs. Some like the red, natural casing hot dogs, some prefer frankfurter rolls while others think that putting ketchup on your hot dog is a sin.

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For me, it's grilled red hot dogs on toasted frankfurter rolls with any assortment of these condiments in the fridge at camp...

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Yes, I put ketchup on my hot dog and so does my son. Actually he puts a little too much on his. I'm working on that. I put a layer of yellow mustard and top it with some Wickles relish that gives it a little spice.

Michele is a pickle freak and will sometimes cut bits of pickles to sprinkle on hers. If I wasn't lazy, I'd also cut up some onions to put on there too.

So how about you? Yes or no on the ketchup? Red hot dogs or brown? Frankfurter or hot dog bun? How do you make your perfect hot dog? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.