I didn't even know there was a choice until I saw someone do it wrong.


Getting a bagel at Mr. Bagel is a treat that some days just need. Personally I go with a super bagel with fresh veggie cream cheese. It comes like a sandwich wrapped up. Here's what you do next. You open the paper and seperate the two sides like an Oreo. Then eat each one (after evenly distributing the cream cheese between the two halves) separately!


But in the car next to me, the woman was going to town on her bagel - except she was eating hers like a sandwich. And no, it wasn't a sandwich...it was a bagel and cream cheese. Now I can appreciate how that cuts the time in half to down a delicious bagel and cream cheese...but it's just wrong!

There are a couple of rules I never break while eating:

  • bagels are eating in halves
  • corn on the cob is eaten in typewriter fashion (back and forth NOT in circles around)

Okay...literally two rules. There are more I'm sure, but the bagel as a sandwich has thrown me off.*


*Yes,I understand that sandwhiches are made with bagels...I never get them.



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