Like Kramer on the Seinfeld episode "The Contest," I'm out!

Okay well not exactly like Kramer, but I am out of the Q Morning Show's Heat Challenge, where we wait to see who can be the last to turn on their heat for the first time this season.

The competition was between me, Lori, Brittany and listeners April and Bobby Thibodeau from Lewiston. The Thibodeau's have been talking smack ever since we started this competition when it started to get colder, but I was determined to win and be the last to turn on the heat. Then I got a text that just said "61" with this picture.

Michele Working

Michele woke up to start work at home with the house at 61 and dressing like she was out for a walk on a crisp fall day.

What's a guy to do right? I felt bad, so I grabbed my phone and turned the thermostat up remotely to 67. "I'm out!" I told Lori and so now it's on me to buy breakfast for a week for everyone. There goes an entire paycheck.

But then I got home and as I walked through the door, Michele asked "Did you turn the heat on?" I told her I did and then she shocks me by asking why, saying "I didn't want you to turn it on. I wanted you to win!"

Well so much for trying to please the one you love. Maybe she'll help me chip in for breakfast. I'm thinking 99 cent hashbrowns for everyone at Dunkin' should do the trick.

The game is still on though to see who lasts the longest, but I think there's some sort of conspiracy going on with the Thibodeau's. They're bragging that the heat is off and the windows are open. I'm not buying that at all. To be continued!

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